Biography of Barry Kent Spiker, PhD


 Barry Kent Spiker, PhD

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Barry Spiker brings nearly 25 years’ experience leading organizational change and directing human capital development and management. A management consultant, business strategist and theoretician, Mr. Spiker draws from his background in the private sector as both corporate executive and start-up entrepreneur and from his knowledge as an educator and researcher. An expert on related subject matters, Mr. Spiker has published several books, book chapters and refereed articles in applied research, communication, organizational development and systems theory. He has also authored for publication and/or presentation numerous papers and white papers at invited talks and workshops. His subject expertise, analytical research and incisive forecasting make Mr. Spiker a contributing leader in the emerging science and application of “regenerative development,” the next evolution of sustainability. Mr. Spiker’s consulting clients achieve critical results with solutions that employ the most progressive technologies in business today. He most recently combined consulting and teaching in managerial skills and organizational change as the Markley Visiting Professor of Management at Miami University’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business in Oxford, Ohio. He currently is President of Better Board Governance, LLC, is an Adjunct Faculty member at Universitas 21 Global, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Indianapolis Center for Aging and Community, and recently was named Acting Director for the Center for Global Workforce Strategies at Arizona State University. In addition, Mr. Spiker is co-founder of Million Ready Minds, a non-profit dedicated to matching great people to global sustainability projects. He recently was appointed by Governor Napolitano of Arizona to a three-year term as a member of her Advisory Council on Aging.

Formerly a Practice Leader and Executive at Andersen Consulting (now, Accenture), Mr. Spiker led the design and implementation of the enterprise’s Organizational Change, HR and Communication practices. Similarly, Mr. Spiker served as Managing Director at Price Waterhouse (now “PWC”), leading and directing the inception of the firm’s Change Integration practice. As Vice President of the TQM practice at Mercer Management Consulting, he was one of the developers of six-sigma consulting and reengineering work that accounted for nearly $40 million in revenues. At Honeywell, Mr. Spiker spent six years as an internal OD and HR manager/executive consultant across multiple global business units. He has also served in similar leadership capacities with various-sized organizations, each role focused on Organization Transformation practices. Mr. Spiker compounds his management experience with significant consulting practice. He has developed e-Commerce strategies for several startups. Recently, Mr. Spiker was involved in the design and implementation of an integrated CRM methodology for a global trading concern and the development of an e-Transformation framework for integrating web and human capital strategies for a publicly traded e-Commerce company. He currently is conducting a study of older workers contributory value in several industries. Mr. Spiker has led sophisticated global organization change and communication initiatives in the e-Commerce, hospitality, manufacturing, freight airline, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, utilities, government and communications industries. He has considerable experience in the IT space (including SAP and TQM solutions), as well as other technical applications and processes.

Mr. Spiker earned a Ph.D. with emphases in Organization Development, Communication and Quantitative Methods from Ohio University. Also from Ohio University, Mr. Spiker holds a Masters degree in International Relations and a Bachelor degree in Economics/Political Science. Among other subjects, Mr. Spiker developed and/or taught courses in Consulting, Culture Change & Development, Organizational Communication, and Quantitative/Qualitative Research at the University of New Mexico, where he also served as Founding Director of the Department’s Institute for Organizational Research.

Enterprise Transformation, Strategic change management, Integration of e-Business with human capital and transformation strategies, Post-merger integration, IT change initiatives, Business strategy & solutions, Supply chain reengineering, Total Quality Management/Six Sigma, Organization Design & Development, Organizational assessment, Process improvement, Systems theory, Supply chain management, Human Capital Management & Development, Adult & experiential learning, Cultural alignment, Personnel assessment, Performance support systems, Balanced scorecard/performance management, Training & development, Recruiting, staffing and retention, Mature workers value contribution, Applied Research & Development, Data collection & analysis, Stakeholder identification & analysis, University professorial experience, Knowledge management, Interpersonal and organizational Communication, Strategic communications planning, Cross-cultural/organizational communication, Leadership, Training & development, Coaching, and Mentoring.